You may have heard that we are the best company providing asphalt and concrete services in the area and we gained our reputation due to hard work and perseverance so we know what we are doing when it comes to asphalt paving, concrete paving, walls and interlocks, repairs and maintenance.

Besides asphalt paving ajax we do such services as retaining walls and interlocks and making sure they remain in perfect condition for our clients to use. We use eco friendly materials whenever possible and make sure the structures are durable and strong for a very long time.

Making sure we deliver quality every time, we take on projects that require complex work with concrete such as installing Ajax Garbage pads and sidewalks, pavements and Ajax Loading docks, driveways and slabs. We use regular concrete, as well as stamped and colored concrete for your taste.

Ajax asphalt repairs are vital to us because we know that when a hole or a bump is not fixed in time then there will be more problems later on. We do Ajax Curbs repair very fats to avoid any accidents and bad situations from developing on the roads and in adjacent areas.

We do winter maintenance and clear up snow for you while looking after the quality of your paving in the cold season.

If you require Ajax sidewalks repair you can give us a call or write a question to us using the online form on the contact page.


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