Melrose Paving Co. Ltd is happy to present our services to you. We have been a number one paving company in the area for more than 35 years and we have learnt to perform our asphalt paving Oakville duties to perfection. We know what we are doing and we always try to bring our clients the best in asphalt, concrete, retaining walls and interlock, site work and excavation, winter maintenance and many other services.

We know everything about asphalt and concrete and there are many types of jobs you can book with us, including Oakville asphalt repairs to make your covering last for more and look great. We will be happy to help you with asphalt removal and overlay, speed bump installation, and so on. We perform tasks in many locations such as plazas and shopping malls, parking lots, house complexes, roadways, recreational areas and so on.

Our additional services working with concrete include Oakville Loading docks and Oakville Garbage pads, as well as sidewalks and pathways, driveways and slabs. We do all kinds of concrete to suit everyone’s needs, from regular, stamped or colored.

We understand how important maintenance is but damage to the coverings may sometimes be unavoidable and that is why we pride ourselves in doing the best to repair any damage. We do Oakville walkways repair and Oakville sidewalks repair, and if you want to book Oakville Curbs repair with us, we will gladly discuss the details over the phone with you.


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