So, you’ve finally gotten around to hiring a commercial parking lot paving company to repair or replace that old, cracked parking lot your business relies on, or perhaps you want a brand-new space for additional vehicles as your company grows.

Either way, it’s time to call in the professionals to work on your parking lot. While most of the steps are handled by the contractor independently, it’s helpful to know what goes into a typical parking lot paving project. Here are the main steps a commercial parking lot paving company will be covering.

1. Preparations

As soon as you’ve decided on a fitting commercial parking lot paving company for your line of work, it’s time to start the planning phase. To prevent future delays, extraneous costs, and frustrations, a good provider knows how to obtain the right city permits and mark out the boundaries beforehand. Sometimes, a survey is conducted to determine the number of tools and materials required.

For repair jobs, this is also the time to decide whether certain features need to be improved. For example, does this parking lot need better waterproofing? Are rainstorms causing too many cracks in the concrete? If so, it might be time to strengthen the sub base.

2. Overhauling the Current Parking Lot

A solid parking lot needs a good foundation, so it’s not a good idea to pave over a currently existing lot. Damaged asphalt is typically removed in the first few stages of the project, including cracked areas and potholes.

More environmentally-conscious commercial parking lot paving companies remove the old asphalt with heavy machinery before shipping it to a recycling center with dump trucks.

3. Building the Foundation

Many paving guides found online cite the sub base as the most important component of a parking lot. It’s no wonder since it’s responsible for the structural integrity of the whole lot.

At this stage, the commercial parking lot paving company builds the sub base using compacted stones, asphalt, and concrete. Checks are done to ensure water runoff is routed correctly.

It’s from here that the main pavement is laid out on top, though in some cases, an extra middle layer known as the binder is put down first.

4. Laying Down New Asphalt

Whether it’s asphalt or concrete, your business parking lot’s top layer is ready to be paved. The commercial parking lot paving company will always choose a material that can withstand the constant heavy weight and traffic parking lots are expected to withstand daily.

A complex paving machine is used to ensure consistency in the material and water-tightness. Afterward, a roller machine compacts the pavement.

5. Painting and Marking

Of course, the final step involves drawing those parking lot lines everyone is familiar with. Marks distinguish among the different parking spaces, specify reserved spots, and route traffic through the premises.

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  • Commercial parking lot paving companies do more than pour out liquid concrete. Several steps are required to build a durable and long-lasting lot.
  • Once plans are finished, and the old lot is removed, a sub base is built, upon which new asphalt is laid out.
  • You don’t have to do it yourself of course. Contact Melrose Paving, the commercial parking lot paving company with over 30 years of experience in the field.