How Outdoor Temperatures Affect Parking Lots: Seasonal Reminders to Schedule a Visit from a Parking Lot Paving Company

We over at Melrose Paving have dealt with roads throughout the year. From the frigid winters to the sweltering summers, the asphalt and concrete parking lots and driveways we’ve seen have all withstood the test of climate.

But they aren’t invincible. Over time, weather patterns change and wear down on paved roads in various ways. Rain, snow, or shine, Melrose has dealt with damages from many different sources. We’ve seen what the weather can do and are ready to share our findings with you.

Getting an idea of what kind of damage occurs due to a particular weather pattern helps determine when your next visit from the municipal parking lot paving company will be. Parking lot maintenance is important because damaged tires from poorly kept roads are a liability for your organization. Plus, cracks and potholes just look ugly and unprofessional.

How Cold Temperatures Affect Asphalt Parking Lot Pavement

You might remember from grade school science class that water becomes larger when it freezes. That’s how rocks break apart in the winter; when water seeps into the cracks, freezing temperatures causes those gaps to widen.

It’s the same for concrete paving, and, in the winter when temperatures tend to fluctuate above and below freezing point, any water that seeps its way into your parking lot is bound to cause damage.

This consistent cycle of freezing and thawing results in wider cracks and sometimes potholes, prompting your municipal parking lot paving company to make repairs.

How Hot Temperatures Affect Asphalt Parking Lot Pavement

Like most materials, concrete expands as it’s exposed to the heat. A major impediment during the construction of the Gateway Arch monument, heat expansion is a problem for parking lots too.

Asphalt and concrete pavement tend to crack in the heat, not only weakening the structure but also introducing an entry point for water to seep in. Air gaps also tend to build in the sub-surface in the summer, and pressure from oncoming vehicles may cause depressions to form.

How Precipitation Affects Asphalt Parking Lot Pavement

Snow and winter. Summer and rainfall. They go hand in hand. Either way, your company’s parking lot is exposed to moisture throughout the year. As mentioned, seeping water aggravates cracks in the pavement.

But another threat is flowing water. Whether on inclines in the lot or just elevation differences in parts of the pavement, rainwater washes down the top layer of asphalt, eroding the structure.

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It’s for these reasons why every business or government building needs a yearly visit from the commercial/municipal parking lot paving company. Damages can happen for a variety of unavoidable causes that can occur throughout the year.

So why not pick a team you can trust? Melrose Paving has had miles of experience repairing and restoring old, damaged pavement into like-new roads again. Whether commercial, residential, or municipal, we’ve dealt with a variety of customers ever since we started in 1979.

Contact us today to experience our guarantee of a price-efficient, fast, and quality project that will keep your business competitive in the market.

  • Municipal parking lot paving companies need to work throughout the year since damages can occur from natural causes no matter the temperature or climate.
  • Heat and cold create cracks in the pavement of a parking lot through expansion and freezing water. Rain can wash away layers of the asphalt as well.
  • Get in touch with us at Melrose Paving to keep your parking lot looking like new no matter the weather. Remember, your business or government’s parking lot is often the first impression new clients receive upon visiting your premises.