It makes sense to finish drawing up a blueprint before picking up a hammer. Similarly, experienced concrete paving contractors know how to prepare the right way before pouring out any concrete. Doing so gives the company a better idea of future costs and milestones involved in the full installation of a business’s new sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot.

The whole process of installing or repairing concrete or asphalt takes several days, but the first steps of the project must happen beforehand first. Here’s a glimpse into some early tasks concrete paving contractors finish before putting down the pavement.

Building a Timeline

Many concrete paving contractors will contact you well in advance to get a feel for how the project timeline will work out. A start date is chosen as well as an estimated completion date. The provider will also take the opportunity to clear up any potential costs, charges, and related fees on the invoice to avoid nasty surprises later.

Out with the Old

If the job calls for repair or replacement, the next step is to remove the existing pavement, whether it’s asphalt or concrete. This step is typically done with heavy machinery such as forklifts, loaders, and dump trucks. Consider hiring concrete paving contractors that offer old pavement recycling.

Setting the Foundation

Then, mark out the edges where the concrete meets the sidewalk or soil so that the final product is neat and unobtrusive. Foundation depth is another careful consideration. The concrete paving contractor will try to level out the project area and clear it of grass, leaves, and other debris.

A major component of the foundation is the sub base, a stable support for the rest of the pavement that helps keep the structure watertight. The sub base is made from heavily compacted material that holds up the rest of the asphalt for years to come.

Proceeding with Excavation

Excavation may be required in some cases. Crushed stone is usually used as a basis for the concrete, but different materials are viable for different jobs. Sometimes, a rebar skeleton underneath or wooden frames are used. The details vary from company to company and from job to job, so don’t be afraid to ask your concrete paving contractor if you’re curious.

Checking for Drainage

Finally, a decision is made regarding drainage requirements and selecting a grade of concrete that will ensure seeping water will run-off properly. This step is important since water damage is a large cause of concrete failure. Sometimes, crushed stone is used to raise the elevation and strengthen the foundation further.

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  • The early stages of a concrete paving job mostly involve planning and setting a foundation.
  • Old pavement is removed while the area is excavated and a waterproof basis is laid out.
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