Do You Have Any of These 4 Common Types of Damage? Call a Concrete Paving Company

When is the last time you’ve had the integrity of your asphalt inspected by a concrete paving company?

It’s important to keep a close eye for damaged and worn concrete. Degradation and loss of integrity can pose a very real threat to yourself and others. Early detection and of developing problems can also save you huge costs later down the line, as small problems can balloon into expensive repairs if left unattended.

Most times getting in touch with your local concrete paving company early is well worth it.

Most homeowners do their best to preserve the state of their concrete. However, many miss these common factors that can damage and degrade surfaces. These subtle effects can have drastic results, and degrade the state of floors, walls, pillars and other infrastructure.

1. Carbonation
Calcium Hydroxide is a key component in concrete, and has been used for construction purposes for centuries. However, it reacts naturally with the carbon dioxide in the air to form calcium carbonate. This slow, but sure, process promotes corrosion and can seriously damage concrete structures.

Experts can test for carbonation using a phenolphthalein, a white or pale yellow crystalline material. When a phenolphthalein solution is applied to concrete it changes colour based on the PH level of the material. This information can then be used to prepare a further course of action. Commonly, anti-carbonation coatings are applied to the surface of the concrete to prevent the ingress of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

2. Salt Damage
If there’s one thing Canadians are accustomed to, it’s salt on the roads. Salt itself does not not pose a risk to hardened concrete. However, many of the effects of salt can be highly detrimental.

It attracts moisture, and increases the pressure of frozen water. It also helps promote more freeze and thaw cycles within the top surface of the concrete.

Experts can test concrete slump and strength, as well as look for signs of surface degradation, to determine if salt damage has taken place. A professional concrete paving company uses water reducers in concrete mix to prevent trapped water and increase concrete strength. They also make sure to apply sealer over the finished product to ensure a water secure finish.

3. Sulphate Attack
Sulphate attack is a complex process that can lead to an overall loss in concrete strength. Caused by external, and sometimes internal, factors, elements in the concrete react to form gypsum, which damages a principal component of hardened cement. This can lead to cracking, expansion and even a loss of bond between the concrete and the surface underneath.

Sulphate attack is difficult to test for. However, a careful examination of the environment and the condition of concrete can reveal if sulphate attack is responsible. This information can then be used to prepare a further course of action.

4. Leaching
Concrete contains many minerals that help it hold its strength. As water runs over concrete and through cracks it can leach away these minerals, dissolving them as it does so. This increases the porosity of the concrete, and aids in its degradation. Significant leaching can be symptomatic of greater problems and can indicate poor durability.

Leaching leaves noticable signs. When the flow of water runs downward stalactites may form. In other instances the concrete components leave visible signs as they are washed outwards. Concrete susceptible to leaching often has to be replaced with material that is more durable and water resistant.

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It’s always important to get your breaking, leaking or cracked concrete examined by qualified professionals. Concrete structures can degrade in quality over time and many eventually require upkeep or restoration.

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