Business-grade parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks are built to last as long as you pick a reputable commercial parking lot paving company. Concrete is durable, relatively cheap, and easy to install, making it the ideal material for your paving needs. Plus, occasional visits from said contractor to make yearly repairs goes a long way to providing a safe and beautiful entryway for your company.

That being said, small issues do develop over time. For instance, cracks and potholes show up as a result of inclement weather and heavy use. One issue you should consider as a business manager or maintenance worker is the sinking and heaving of concrete sidewalks.

What Is the Problem?

Concrete heaving occurs when certain tiles in your sidewalk sink lower than the rest of the road. It’s a surprisingly common issue that you’ve probably noticed before, especially in the Spring.

After a long winter of freezing and thawing rain and snow, these sinks develop, posing a dangerous tripping and falling hazard to your employees and customers in addition to being downright ugly.


Yes. Some injuries caused by ill-maintained pavement can cost up to $30,000 in legal fees and insurance premiums. You also risk losing ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance, which causes its own set of problems.

In contrast, concrete repairs only cost a fraction of that amount. Take the precautionary steps to avoid costly accidents later by contacting a commercial parking lot paving company.

What Are the Causes?

You can’t completely prevent concrete damage or sidewalk sinking. However, being aware of the causes can help you understand the nature of these defects and decide when to contact the commercial parking lot paving company for repairs.

  • Inclement weather and quickly changing temperatures
  • Poor soil foundation
  • Unstable concrete base
  • Moisture and seeping water
  • Soil erosion (often caused by seeping water)
  • Expanding clay below the concrete
  • Dry ground soil caused by uneven shading or tree roots

Water is ultimately the largest enemy against your sidewalk and driveway concrete. Some of the common entry points for water include:

  • Rain and snow
  • Natural groundwater
  • Poor surface drainage
  • Garden water
  • Pipe leakages

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Regardless of the cause, getting in touch with a commercial parking lot paving company should be high on your priority list once you spot a sidewalk tile sinking or any other concrete defect.

In addition, get some maintenance done while you’re at it. Filling in cracks and potholes in your pavement goes a long way to reducing the chance of more seeping water entering your concrete.

Why not get the job done the right way with Melrose Paving, one of Toronto and Mississauga’s best commercial parking lot paving companies? Just ask one of our many customers why they chose us for their property renovations, projects, and repairs.

We guarantee a knowledgeable staff, our own fleet of construction equipment and vehicles, and workmanship that stays in line with your budget, expectation of quality, and time constraints.

  • Concrete heaving occurs when certain tiles in your company’s sidewalk sink into the ground. The result is not only an unsightly blemish on your business’s exterior but also a significant safety hazard that could cost you later down the road.
  • These sinking tiles can be the result of seeping water underground, inclement weather, weak soil foundations, erosion, and even dry dirt underneath the pavement.
  • Don’t let that sinking sidewalk become a major blemish or a costly accident. Contact us at Melrose Paving as soon as you can.