Commercial Parking spaces are specially built to allow a large amount and variety of vehicles to park in dense spaces. These include mall and hospital parking which also includes multi-floor parking.

With the high number of visitors to your space every day, it’s important to maintain your commercial parking space to prevent unwanted incidents. Paving these types of spaces comes with a higher standard of quality and difficulty than residential or municipal paving. Your commercial parking lot paving company will always keep this in mind when designing and building your commercial parking space.

If there is already a pavement, it’s important to remember that even the best-paved commercial parking spaces need maintenance and repairs every now and again. Maybe it’s time for you to contact your commercial parking lot paving company for repairs that could save you in the long run from future costly damages.

Our professionals handle all four of the important steps to building and maintaining a good Commercial Parking Lot.

Step 1: Pave from Scratch

It’s never a good idea to pave on top of the pre-existing pavement. A sturdy foundation is needed for a long-lasting parking space. Pre-existing surfaces will have many cracks and damage. If they were to be used as a base, within two years, the cracks which were covered will pop back up and ruin your investment.

Your commercial parking lot paving company will not cut corners and will make sure to remove any pre-existing layers down to the subgrades and further evaluated for other areas which are damaged before installing a brand-new base to be used for your parking space pavement.

Step 2: Strong Gravel Base

The most important part of the pavement is a solid foundation. Without a strong base the pavement may collapse and crack under the weight of vehicles and other objects, causing damage not only to the pavement but to vehicles as well.

Your favored commercial parking lot paving company will make sure to properly implement a gravel foundation with the right amount for your commercial parking space.

Step 3: Proper Drainage

Vehicles and time are not the only things that can cause damage to the pavement. Water is also a risk factor to consider when building parking spaces.

Water can create cracks in the pavement if it seeps through and during winters it can freeze over causing great damage to not only the pavement but the gravel base as well. There has to be a proper water drainage system which redirects water flow to protect the parking spaces from damage.

Step 4: Focus on Details

After installing a water drainage system, a new base, and pavement, your commercial parking lot paving company will use every tool at their disposal. This includes hand rollers, plate compactors, asphalt rakes, sealcoat squeegee’s, and whatever else is needed to ensure your Commercial Parking Lot is not only sturdy, but visually appealing too. After all, it’s important that your commercial parking lots are durable, visually appealing, and functional.

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• When refurbishing a parking space, the best option is to remove the old base and install a brand-new gravel base, and make sure the new base is sturdy to ensure long term stability.
• Parking spaces are not just about sturdiness, they also serve as a visual cue to guide drivers.
• Find out the best option for your business by contacting Melrose Paving today.