Whether it’s potholes, water damage, or overuse, parking lot concrete is no different from highway or street concrete. It too takes damage over time regardless of how much maintenance you give it, and eventually, a call to the commercial parking lot paving company is in order.

But what exactly causes parking lots to degrade the way they do? And are there special ways for parking lots to receive damage that don’t apply to regular roads? Understand how parking lot degradation occurs to help you plan out your budget and repairs the next time you contact a commercial parking lot paving company.

Inclement Weather

Like all roads, water is the enemy of concrete and asphalt paving. Water expands when it freezes into ice. As rainwater or snow seeps into the cracks of your parking lot, it freezes in cold temperatures and develops cracks in the pavement.

Even in the summer, UV rays from the sun breaks down the binder that holds the concrete together. As a result, the pavement decomposes in the sun.

Weather-related damage cannot be avoided, especially in an outdoor parking lot. The same natural forces that drive earth erosion don’t discriminate between natural rocks and the small particles that make up parking lot paving. That’s why commercial parking lot paving companies need to work year-round.

Heavy Vehicles

Taking on a heavy weight is another way to break down asphalt and concrete paving and worsen the effects of cracks caused by the weather. If your business’s parking lot tends to serve heavy trucks or equipment, you are at a higher risk of weight-related damages.

Commercial parking lot paving companies understand that different parking lots serve different purposes, and some projects are at a higher risk of damage than others.


Ever noticed how newer stretches of highway are a midnight black color whereas older parts of the road are grey? That’s because the asphalt that makes up the pavement reacts with oxygen in the air over time, turning it from a smooth black to a cracked grey.

This type of damage not only makes the road more difficult to drive on, but it also makes the road less flexible and more prone to breaking under pressure. The same principle applies to asphalt parking lots.

Lack of Maintenance

Concrete pavement seems like a tough substance, right? So it shouldn’t require too much maintenance Wrong.

Like other aspects of your business’s structural integrity, concrete paving should not be neglected when it comes to budgeting maintenance costs. Be sure to schedule a visit from the commercial parking lot paving company every few years, as cracks and other forms of damage worsen over time and become more expensive to repair.

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  • Parking lots need the same amount of maintenance as any other aspect of your business’s structural integrity.
  • Common problems for parking lots are weather conditions, heavy loads, oxidation, and neglect.
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