As many residents of cities and suburban areas can attest to, road defects are rather common. Asphalt tends to degrade, and cracks form wherever you drive, whether it’s the highway or your own driveway.

For most people, knowing what type of damage doesn’t matter as much as just having it fixed. However, different types of pavement degradation might involve different ways to repair it. The next time you call your local residential concrete paving contractor, be aware of the type of damage you see so you can better understand what to expect.

1. Concrete Cracking

A lot of amateur contractors might try to fix a pothole by simply reapplying a top layer of asphalt. These kinds of “Band-Aid” fixes for underlying structural problems are merely short-lived solutions. We always recommend that you contact your local residential parking lot paving company to properly fix any major damage that your driveway and parking areas are experiencing.

2. Concrete Upheaval

As the most familiar type of damage, cracking isn’t so much of a threat as an annoyance at first. However, in addition to looking ugly, cracking can evolve into worse problems down the road. There are multiple ways for a road to crack.

Alligator cracking: Named after the scaly appearance of the cracks, alligator cracking is associated with structural failure of the road after a heavy load (such as a truck) is placed upon it. Alligator cracking can only be fixed by repaving the road, as only sealant is impractical for this type of crack.

Block cracking: As the name suggests, block cracking divides the road up into rectangles. These aren’t caused by heavy loads but rather asphalt failure when the road contracts and expands in the heat. Block cracking can be fixed simply by sealing it to prevent water from entering and causing further damage.

Linear and transverse cracking: These types of cracking run parallel and perpendicular to the direction of the road respectively and are usually caused by a poorly operated paver. Like block cracking, these can be sealed easily.

Edge cracking: You guessed it. Edge cracking occurs along the edge of the road. Fixing it usually involves removing vegetation near the crack and resealing.

3. Potholes

The bane of road trip warriors everywhere, potholes are deep, sharp holes in the pavement. When water seeps into the concrete, it can cause alligator cracking which, under typical wear and tear of traffic, evolves into potholes. Potholes are a high priority for concrete paving contractors to fill in since they destroy tires, especially on the highway when vehicles are moving quickly.

4. Bird Baths

Bird baths are basically a less severe version of potholes, bird baths are small indentions in the pavement. They are easy to spot after the rain when water collects inside them. Still, don’t underestimate the damage these little pot holes can cause to your car and other vehicles.

5. Parking Lot Issues

Parking lots are a considerably different environment for pavement than regular roads and highways as vehicles tend to travel slowly and more stress is placed per square meter. Some issues that pop up in parking lots more often include:

Oil spots: Characterized by the rainbow colors you sometimes see, oil spots need to be cleaned out before they can be repaved.

Grass: Grass sometimes grows through the cracks, which needs to be removed before a new layer is placed.

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